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5/26/2017  IL-KX-9 ILKnox Severely Wet General Awareness
Plants And Wildlife
Water Supply And Quality
We have received over 3 inches of rain in the past 2 weeks. Crop planting is behind by about a month because of low temps and rain.  
5/26/2017  MI-WY-33 MIWayne Severely Wet Agriculture
ground for garden is too wet to till, some standing water, very muddy,  
5/26/2017  MO-CP-7 MOCooper Mildly Dry General Awareness
Plants And Wildlife
Water Supply And Quality
The ground looked dry at least on the top surface, but as I was taking my morning readings lightning was occurring just to the west and southwest, so I suspect it won't be dry for long. It has been mild lately so the ground hasn't dried out too bad.  
5/26/2017  NM-OT-86 NMOtero Moderately Dry General Awareness
Tourism And Recreation
The parking lot is dry and dusty  
5/26/2017  NC-GL-49 NCGuilford Mildly Wet Hard to work when I have to go store to store in the rain..I usually wait till it slows down. 5.62" the last 7 days.  
5/26/2017  NC-WK-203 NCWake Moderately Wet General Awareness
Good rains this week with over 2 inches spread out over four days. Moderately wet with no real plant stress. Some standing water in fields through central and southern NC. Info based on my observations and local precipitation reports. Have had about a foot of rain in the last five weeks.  
5/26/2017  OH-HM-24 OHHamilton Severely Wet General Awareness
7-day rainfall total: 4.57 inches. 90 day rainfall: 25.70 inches (average annual rainfall 43 inches). This past Wednesday severe flash flooding with 0.80 inches rain here in 15 minutes and 2.00 in less than one hour. Major standing water, mud, flooded yards, fields. Farmers are giving up on first round of planting in some areas. And still, soil moisture indices are not showing it wet here! Really? Trust me, it is!  
5/26/2017  SC-BK-43 SCBerkeley Moderately Wet General Awareness
Ponds are slightly above normal and soil is moist  
5/26/2017  CAN-NB-1 CANNew Brunswick Near Normal General Awareness
Soil moisture measured with an Irrometer at 12 inch depth. 24 centibars. 33% moisture depletion (sandy loam)  
5/26/2017  CAN-ON-31 CANOntario Severely Wet Plants And Wildlife
Unable to cut lawn and do gardening due to what seems like continuous rain again.  
5/26/2017  CAN-ON-51 CANOntario Moderately Wet General Awareness
can see droplets of rain all over the plants and on top of grass  
5/26/2017  CAN-ON-306 CANOntario Mildly Wet Agriculture
No farming for a few days now. Pretty Dampish out there.