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5/13/2021  CA-OR-26 CAOrange Mildly Dry General Awareness
Plants & Wildlife
Landscape needs frequent watering, dirt trails are dusty.  
5/13/2021  CT-NH-45 CTNew Haven Mildly Dry General Awareness
Plants & Wildlife
Grass thick but not growing super quick. Our marsh by us is low with water. Hawks are around prowling for birds during the day and birds are quite active with song in the morning.  
5/13/2021  GA-FL-23 GAFloyd Moderately Wet General Awareness
limited activities  
5/13/2021  IL-WL-63 ILWill Near Normal General Awareness
Last weekend's copious rains have greened all trees/shrubs, grass growing rapidly. Grass seed finally germinating.  
5/13/2021  IN-SL-4 INSullivan Near Normal Agriculture
grass is wet in the morning, soil works perfectly for planting  
5/13/2021  IN-WL-13 INWells Mildly Wet Agriculture
Plants & Wildlife
A bit wet. I believe I'll be able to work soil today for gardening. Still a few places with standing water from rains from 4 days ago.  
5/13/2021  MI-BN-5 MIBerrien Near Normal Agriculture
top is dry 1 inch down planting on loaming soil  
5/13/2021  MI-EM-8 MIEmmet Mildly Wet General Awareness
Business & Industry
Plants & Wildlife
Relief, Response & Restrictions
Society & Public Health
Tourism & Recreation
Cold. No rain or snow.  
5/13/2021  NY-SR-29 NYSaratoga Near Normal General Awareness
Plants & Wildlife
Tourism & Recreation
Water Supply & Quality
Oak leaves seem more developed than ash, so the farmers would predict a wet spring/summer. Ground water seems at normal levels and farmers seem okay preparing fields.  
5/13/2021  NY-SC-32 NYSchenectady Mildly Wet Ground is wet but not saturated. Grass requires cutting about ever 5-6 days. We have had a couple of dry days after a number of rainy days.  
5/13/2021  NY-WY-11 NYWyoming Mildly Wet Agriculture
Plants & Wildlife
Sunny to mostly sunny and cool with a light breeze. The high temperature was around fifty seven degrees and the low around forty one degrees Fahrenheit. Songbirds are eating voraciously. Lilac flowers are slowly emerging. Corn is beginning to be planted. Some field areas are still wet, causing issues with plowing and travel.  
5/13/2021  NC-CR-156 NCCarteret Moderately Dry Agriculture
until yesterday horse pastures rock hard and dry. bahaia grass only grass up but the horses are keeping up haven't had to mow yet. now that it rained bermuda grass shooting up hope this pattern keeps up usually frist cutting of ha y is first week of june  
5/13/2021  NC-CM-42 NCCumberland Mildly Dry General Awareness
Plants & Wildlife
We have had some good rains this past week. The grass is slowly starting to green up and grow.  
5/13/2021  NC-SM-23 NCSampson Moderately Dry General Awareness
Plants & Wildlife
Only 1.39 inches of rain this month  
5/13/2021  PA-NM-3 PANorthumberland Moderately Wet General Awareness
Standing water in many places, not deep but it is there. Can't get in to mow some areas. Grass is thick and lush, difficult to mow.  
5/13/2021  PA-WN-60 PAWayne Near Normal General Awareness
Rainfall in the past two weeks has washed out some roads and there are many potholes, especially on secondary roads.There has been no impact on my property from this weather conditions.  
5/13/2021  WI-AD-17 WIAdams Moderately Dry I've monitored only a couple inches of precipitation these past two months. Even our low areas in s. central WI, which remained flooded for over two years, are drying up. Forested areas thus drowned out are also dying off, and this presents a huge fire danger, along with topsoil erosion.  
5/13/2021  WI-CH-7 WIChippewa Severely Dry General Awareness
Plants & Wildlife
On Wednesday May 12 I mowed down some yellow headed weeds in my food plot. The surface was fine powder. I had to take a shower after mowing form all the dust that came into the air.  
Showing 18 Records.