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6/24/2018  OH-CB-8 OHColumbiana Moderately Wet General Awareness
My last report was submitted on 17 June 2018. This report covers the week of 17-23 June 2018. Temperatures ranged from the upper 60’s at night to the lower 90’s during the day. During this period, 0.62 inches of precipitation fell. This added to the 2.72 inches that fell the previous week. Temperatures were near to slightly higher than normal for this time of year. With the recent rainfall during the week, humidity levels were high and uncomfortable. Grass and bushes are growing rapidly. Lawns and other plants are very lush. Farmers are out working their fields with many early plantings completed. Many farm crops are growing nicely. Some low areas are still wet, with additional brief heavy rain storms passing through. Some lower fields are unable to be worked due to wet or flooded conditions. Overall, conditions remain at “Moderately Wet”.