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6/26/2019  AZ-PM-12 AZPima Moderately Dry General Awareness
Plants & Wildlife
Water Supply & Quality
Running the AC day and night, wind stirring up the dust.  
6/26/2019  FL-HB-3 FLHillsborough Near Normal General Awareness
Plants & Wildlife
75*F Heat advisory in effect from noon today to 6 pm EDT. this evening. Partly cloudy skies. There is a 20% chance of rain. A high temp of 98.  
6/26/2019  ME-HN-57 MEHancock Mildly Wet General Awareness
small ponding on roads and lower areas.  
6/26/2019  MI-EM-8 MIEmmet Moderately Wet General Awareness
Plants & Wildlife
Tourism & Recreation
No rain overnight.  
6/26/2019  NM-RA-51 NMRio Arriba Moderately Dry General Awareness
Plants & Wildlife
Grasses are drying  
6/26/2019  NY-WY-11 NYWyoming Mildly Wet Agriculture
Plants & Wildlife
Mostly cloudy to mostly sunny and warm with a light breeze. The high temperature was around seventy six degrees and the low around sixty degrees Fahrenheit. A few muddy areas exist in some fields and some corn is 12" tall.  
6/26/2019  NC-HK-3 NCHoke Moderately Dry General Awareness
Getting dryer. hard to keep up with pine needle fall. Suspect a little rain would help Where is a tropical storm when you need one?  
6/26/2019  WI-VR-1 WIVernon Mildly Dry General Awareness
Mildly Dry