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Prepare for Severe Weather Ahead . . . NWS Severe Weather Training Classes for 2017

It's that time of year when severe weather starts to show up in many sections of the country. Please be ready to report hail and intense rainfall using our appropriate reports:
To report hail: Hail Report
To report Significant Weather (Intense precipitation): Significant Weather Report

This month and throughout the spring many National Weather Service offices are holding local in-depth training classes on spotting severe weather. If you are interested in attending one of these visit: and click on your local area on the national map. Your local NWS forecast office home page will appear and most likely have a schedule of upcoming severe weather spotter training classes held in your area. These are free and well worth your time.

CoCoRaHS March Madness 2017 . . . . Ask a friend to help measure today!

"CoCoRaHS March Madness 2017” (our friendly annual recruiting competition between our CoCoRaHS states to see how many new volunteer observers we can recruit during the month of March) continues into it's fourth week.

To view the current daily standings and learn more about our contest, visit our March Madness webpage by clicking here: "COCO MARCH MADNESS PAGE" . We will post an ongoing update of points by state each day around lunchtime EDT via our “Madness Page”. Final results posted on April 1st.

A reminder that this year we are challenging everyone to sign-up a friend or relative as a CoCoRaHS observer during the thirty-one day competition.

Good luck to your state!


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