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Windchill . . . “It feels colder than you think!”

When the wind blows it often feels much colder than what the thermometer says. Just ask those folks ice fishing in Minnesota! One way to quantify what you are experiencing is known as the "wind chill factor". The AMS Glossary of Meteorology defines it as: "a means of quantifying the threat of rapid cooling during breezy or windy conditions that may result in hypothermia in cold conditions.”

The National Weather Service provides a great “windchill chart” on their “Winter Safety” page. To find out more about windchill click here: “NWS Windchill Chart”.

And one last thing . . . don’t forget to wear a hat!

We've left the fundraiser website scoreboard up thru the next week so you can see how we did as the final mailed in donations make there way in.